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  Global Reforestation Projects   

There used to be 6 trillion trees on Earth, now only about 3 trillion remain but we continue to lose about 15 billion trees every year, however we still have space for 1.2 trillion trees. 80% of the worlds terrestrial plants and animals live in forests however in the last 50 years we have experienced massive loss in biodiversity - the world's wildlife populations have plummeted by more than two-thirds.


Our mission is to make travel and events planet and people positive by growing trees in developing countries, making every effort to ensure the forests we grow become permanent and sustainable. 

Trees4Travel is rewilding the world and transforming the lives of indigenous communities. Our tree planting ethos is based on key objectives: Trees4Travel will only ever invest in reforestation projects - reforestation is the natural or intentional restocking of existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted, usually through deforestation, but also after clearcutting. We will never invest in monoculture plantations – these are when all the same species are grown on a plot of land. We also focus on the role of local communities as sources of indigenous knowledge, and the benefits they could derive from successful reforestation that restores ecosystem functioning and delivers a diverse range of forest products and services. Planting a variety of tree species that are native to a region maximises biodiversity, supports nature and people together.


This is how it works

We focus on just a few forests at a time, so that we can diligently monitor and follow the progress of the reforestation efforts and feel a true connection to the communities we are working with. We can then communicate this progress to our mindful travel community and bring positive change to our world.

  • A tree purchase is made by a traveler.

  • We combine the funds from all our travelers.

  • The tree planting partner prepares the site for planting.

  • To ensure seeds & saplings have the best start, they are planted during the season that best suits the tree type.

  • We share photos, films & updates, you can then follow your trees, travels & your impact in your dashboard.



Nepal - Asia




Haiti - Caribbean




Mozambique - Africa

Mangrove Reforestation



Kenya - Africa


Planting Projects

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