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Tree Facts

'Planting trees to combat carbon emissions is overwhelmingly more powerful than any other climate change solution'

Prof. Dr. Thomas Crowther,

Bristish Scientist 2019

'Current estimates say if we plant 1.2 trillion trees, we can cancel out a decades worth of CO2 emissions by the time the forests mature' 

With an estimated age

of over 80,000 years, Pando aspen

is an ancient forest widely considered the largest single living thing in the world as well as one of the oldest living organisms

An acre of Mangroves can store 5 to 10 times more CO2 than an acre of rainforest.

30% of our planet is covered in trees. Trees take carbon dioxide out of the air & release oxygen, making them a natural source of carbon capture.

Trees planted near to the equator can be especially beneficial as they grow faster in warm, wet & humid environments

A baby sapling will absorb 6kgs of CO2 in its first year, growing to 22kgs per year when it matures to 10 years old, & then continues to do so for its expected lifespan of 150 years. 

Source/Urban Forestry Network  

There are currently 3 trillion trees on our planet, however this is not enough & we need to keep planting to make a substantial difference.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Crowther

Bristish Scientist

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