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Mindful Travel

Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility Made Easy for Travellers & the Travel Industry

We welcome travel partners from all over the world, from all sectors: 

Travel Agents - OTAs - Hoteliers - Cruises - Car Hire - Airlines 


Trees4Travel is 100% free for our distribution partners & even has attractive commercial benefits as well as a diversified revenue stream.

Let's build a travelling future together, where consumers continue to explore & experience our amazing world, but systematically creating & maintaining forests for a safe sustainable planet.


The future of travel is in our hands, it's time to show your customers you care by offering them

a simple, understandable and affordable way to make a difference.


Don't Talk - Just Act - Don't Say -

Just Show - Don't Promise - Just Plant

What do we offer our partners?

  • Marketing and Promotional Content (includes videos, photos) 

  •      Monthly reporting on your CO2 emissions versus absorption

  • Full multi-tier multi-location account management tools

  • Maps to show the locations of your ‘branded’ trees (and only your trees)

  • Widgets to show your progress, which can be used on your websites

  • Free use of our brand

  • ‘Legacy Forests’ which can be named after your company

  • API connectivity available


Connecting to us is simple via our website, our API, or even a simple file upload once a month to register your trees, and we take care of the rest.


If you’d like to learn more please register now and we’ll get in touch ASAP.


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