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A FREE Sustainability Tool for Event Professionals
Make all your events, conferences, meetings

Planet & People Positive


Sustainability is now effortless with the most comprehensive free emissions calculator. This powerful tool guides you to make any meeting a climate positive event from conception to compensation.


Set up as a series of simple questions and choices, with tips to ensure events are not simply compensated, but better planned from the outset to support the planet.


For further accuracy, select the ‘create an app’ for delegates, enabling QR codes to be scanned on the day, asking more in-depth information about attendees travel and stay for the event.

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Finally, a set of bespoke infographics are auto-generated, along with a script to be included in the ‘welcome address’ showcasing how many trees will be planted (each tree costing as little as a cup of coffee!) and how much CO2e will be removed through the connected United Nations Certified Emission Reduction renewable energy projects, demonstrating the commitment to planet and people positive conferencing.

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Powerful Tools for Climate Action 

  • Free CO2e emissions calculator & tools

  • Climate targets & ESG goals solution

  • Trusted  CO2e Calculations DEFRA, GHG Protocol

  • Tree growing + Renewables Hybrid Package

  • United Nations Certified Emission Reduction Carbon Credits

  • Supporting up to 13 of the 17 UN Sustainability Goals

  • Employee Tree Planting Programs

  • Sustainability Marketing Support

  • ISO 27001 Information & Security Management - Registered & Certified

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management - Registered & Certified 

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management - Registered & Certified

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