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Why plant with us?

We Are More Than Just Trees, More Than Just Offsets 

We know there are many CO2 offsetting programs out there, but we feel they’re a bit like throwing a coin into a wishing well, without really knowing what actually happens to that coin. Trees4Travel offers complete transparency, a connection between the traveler, their trees & their impact. Trees are tangible, understandable & affordable - something that we can all see, be proud of & watch grow. 


By planting trees in developing countries, we then also help to restore ecosystems, biodiversity & support local communities through the dignity of employment. Reforestation will help reverse climate change, but trees can sometimes be fragile & take time to grow, so to ensure we remove carbon emissions as quickly as possible, we always assign each tree with a share of a United Nations (CER) certified emissions reduction where we simultaneously invest into renewable energy projects, essentially doubling our promise & backing up our CO2 removal claim.


To work efficiently, we carefully select & focus on just

a few reforestation projects at a time. 


Once the tree growing project is underway, we will update you on progress & to ensure that the forest continues to be well maintained, we will provide photography & video footage that we share with you, so you can see how the forest is growing. 

Pine tree saplings
Clelia Goodchild Film maker
Aerial view of forests

Reporting & Updates


We will show you the exact location of where your trees are planted, you can follow their progress, watch them grow.

My Trees Dashboard Screen Grab.jpg

We report back to you on a monthly basis to show you how much CO2 your saplings are absorbing as they grow.

CO2 emissions graph

We show an account of how much CO2 has been created by your trips & show you how you can improve your carbon footprint.


We only work with verified planting partners to ensure all our forest projects are impactful & successful.

sapling trees
Reporting & Updates

More Positives  of PLANTING TREES 


Planting trees helps clean the air that we breathe & absorbs harmful pollutants & carbon from the atmosphere.


Planting trees helps filter & clean our drinking water. The roots of trees also helps to stop flooding & landslides.


Planting a tree helps to provide a home to thousands of species of insect, fungi, moss, animals and plants. Trees provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity

Social Impact

Planting trees creates work for local communities

on multiple levels. Trees can also provide food for humans & animals. 


Studies have shown that spending time around trees - what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing can promote health and happiness.

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