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We Plant Trees

As You Travel

( for the price of a coffee )

A New Era of Mindful Travel

Our vision is for a traveling future where we continue to explore & experience our amazing world but with a slower, more thoughtful approach, whilst simultaneously planting & maintaining forests to remove CO2 from the air. This simple, yet powerful act, can & will help reverse climate change, creating a safe sustainable future planet.


How does it work?

Woman boarding an airplane

When you book a


Tree saplings

We'll plant you a 



For the price of a


1 Tree per Trip

If every passenger around the world were to buy 

We could offset all CO2 emissions from air travel.

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Oak tree sapling

Why Trees?


''To combat carbon emissions forest restoration is overwhelmingly more powerful than all of the other climate change solutions''

Thomas Ward Crowther is a British scientist specialising in ecosystem ecology & the chief scientific advisor to

the UN's Trillion Tree Campaign.


Our planet has space for an additional 1.2 trillion trees. If we protect & restore forests, we can reverse the current climate change trends & create a world where forests are expanding & not shrinking. 


Simple - Impactful - Affordable

Why Trees?
How does it work?

We are already beyond safe levels of C02 in our atmosphere

Carbon in the atmosphere traps heat & makes global temperatures rise. As levels rise, floods, droughts, storms & crop failures intensify.


To reduce these levels, we must slow down our consumption & start to replace the power we've used.


By planting trees we can help recharge the planet & bring back its natural balance.


414.7 ppm

Atmospheric carbon dioxide continued its rapid rise in 2019, with the average for May 2019 peaking at 414.7 ppm (parts per million)


350 ppm

Maximum Safe Level of CO2



416.4 ppm

7th May 2020 - Level of CO2


We are entering into

very dangerous levels.

''The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.'' 

Robert Swan OBE - Historian, Activist, Explorer 

Impactful Climate Action

A Different


CO2 Zero 


The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of the natural world's power on our lives. It's time to take responsibility for our actions, be accountable for the impact we have on the environment & protect the quality of future lives. It's time we give back to our planet & reduce our CO2 emissions.

Let us adopt a different mindset, one of understanding & respect for the natural world. Let us never forget how precious our freedom & health are. Let us travel, but more mindfully, with respect & gratitude for this amazing planet.


While the world works on better solutions for transport & energy, mindful travel can start the process towards positive change. A simple, natural, yet powerful way to help any traveler begin offsetting CO2 emissions & feel a really tangible connection with their contribution to a better world.


Don't Talk - Just Act - Don't Say -

Just Show - Don't Promise - Just Plant

By creating forests together, we can connect travelers to their world & show them in a tangible & comprehensive way, the impact of their efforts with real data progress reports, images, videos, audits & forest site visits. Transparency through continual communication & technology.

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