Planting Region & Country

Denmark, Jutland, Europe

Number of Trees

75,000 + to Plant  

Type of Trees

+ 25 species including alnus sp., fages sp., quercus sp. fraxinus sp. popolus sp., abies sp., larix sp., pinus sp., picea sp.

Key Impact Areas

Biodiversity & Habitats - Climate Stability - Social/Community impact

Ecological Benefits 

Conservation and biodiversity
Carbon uptake
Groundwater preservation
Retention of Nitrogen (mitigating eutrophication of wetlands)

Project Description & Objective 

This project will establish multi-functional woodland on marginal farmland in western Jutland that will be protected in perpetuity by the Danish Forest Act. The forests will increase carbon uptake, groundwater preservation, and nitrogen retention to mitigate the eutrophication of wetlands in the area. Biodiversity will be improved through the creation of a conservation area for the threatened hazel dormouse and the wooded areas will provide greater habitat for many species of birds and insects. 

The local community will benefit through the many recreational opportunities afforded by the woodland, as well as the "school in the forest" initiative that will provide a substantial educational element.

Community Benefits 

Employment in forest sector
Recreational use (very extensive in Denmark)
Education (school classes and field trips)