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Planet & People Positive Action

Travel & Events

A New Era of Mindful Travel Technology

We are an award winning environmental Tech For Good’ company working with travel brands all over the world in the business & leisure sectors providing FREE carbon management technology to calculate &  reduce emissions impact. A simple way to understand our carbon footprint but also to be able to make  climate contributions that you can follow and that will help make a difference in more ways than one!


We also provide direct integrations into booking systems, API connectivity or through simple file uploads. Educating travellers, providing the necessary transitionary tools to get us from where we are today, to our net zero targets in the future - making travel & events more ethical, regenerative, more sustainable.

Travelers Dashboard

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Free Events Calculator & Events App

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More Than Just Trees

Climate Contributions - Climate Justice

You can now experience our amazing world in the knowledge that your travel is a force for good. Trees are one of the most powerful absorbers of carbon emissions – by planting trees in developing countries as you travel, you’ll also help to restore ecosystems, biodiversity & support local communities through the dignity of employment - together building a more sustainable & equitable world.  

The Hybrid Package - Always Together!

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Carbon Draw Down + Carbon Reduction

Reforestation will help reverse climate change, but trees can be fragile & take time to grow, so to ensure we remove or compensate carbon emissions as soon as possible, we always connect each tree to United Nations (CER) certified emissions reduction 

renewable energy carbon credits, essentially doubling our promise.


A Holistic Approach

To Accelerate Positive Climate Action

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". They were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030.

Trees4Travel aims to support up to 13 of the 17 goals where we believe we can have the most impact.

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Watch Our Videos

As travelers of the earth, whether for business or pleasure, we must help reduce our emissions where we can, through mindful actions & mindful choices. These simple, yet powerful acts, can & will help reverse climate change, creating a safer sustainable future planet.

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Business Travel

Leisure Travel

How Does it Work?


It's time to rethink the

way we travel & consume



To reduce our emissions, environmental & social impact 


 Bring back earths natural balance & make climate contributions


How many trees will I need?

Use our calculator to see your travels impact - the less 'trees' the less carbon intensive a trip is -

& then why not make a climate contribution, it's like buying a coffee...simple, tangible, affordable!


Our emission calculation methodology is based on the international framework and standards of

DEFRA, GHG Protocols, Cornell University Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index, & Cirium . 

Every tree planted is always backed up with a UN CER renewable energy project carbon credit.


London to Paris

+ 3 Hotel Nights

1 Tree


New York to Cancun

+ 1 Week Villa Rental

6 Trees


LA to Vegas

+ 2 Hotel Nights

2 Trees

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Toronto to Miami

Flight + 4 Night Cruise

7 Trees


One of The Best Carbon Technologies

Oak tree sapling

Why Trees?

Scientists ‘know of no other current carbon drawdown solution that is quantitatively as large in terms of carbon capture.’

Science May 2020

''To combat carbon emissions forest restoration is one of the most effective solutions to fight climate change''

Prof Dr. Thomas Ward Crowther is a British scientist specialising in ecosystem ecology & the chief scientific advisor to

the UN's Trillion Tree Campaign.

Our planet has space for an additional 1.2 trillion trees. If we protect & restore forests, combined with emission cuts, we can reverse the current climate change trends & create a safer, cleaner, more equitable world. 


Simple - Impactful - Affordable

Why Trees?
How does it work?

We are far beyond safe levels of C02 in our atmosphere

Carbon in the atmosphere traps heat & makes global temperatures rise. As levels rise, floods, droughts, storms & crop failures intensify.


To reduce these levels, we must slow down our consumption, cut our emissions & draw existing carbon out of the atmosphere.


Together with forest conservation & restoration we can help bring back the planets natural balance.

'Climate change is an extremely complex problem with no simple fix and that it will require a full combination of approaches.' 2020


411.3 ppm

Atmospheric carbon dioxide continued its rapid rise in 2019, 

( ppm - parts per million )

350 ppm

Maximum Safe Level of CO2



424 ppm

 21st May 2023 - Level of CO2


We are entering into very 

dangerous levels.

''The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.'' 

Robert Swan OBE - Historian, Activist, Explorer 

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Positive Climate Action for Travelers

We connect business & leisure travelers to the impact of their travel, educating in a simple, tangible & comprehensive way, with real data progress reports, images & videos.

Transparency through continual communication & technology.

Travelers Dashboard

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What Our Travel Partners Say...

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''We have worked with various solution providers in this field, but none as simple, affordable and accessible as Trees4Travel. Trees4Travel really has changed the game of carbon management in the world of business travel. True champions!''

Mark Colley – Managing Director - Sunways Business and Leisure Sustainable Travel


''The team is deeply passionate about the impact we are having on our planet and their sheer enthusiasm is infectious.''

Pauline Houston - Vice President of Business Development  - SilverDoor Serviced Apartments


''Trees4Travel combines innovation and technology, targeted at creating smarter travel choices and

impactful environmental change within the travel industry.’’
Dana Moore - Commercial and Proposition - Agiito


''The Trees4Travel team has taken a big subject and driven out all the complexity.'' 

Scott Pawley - Managing Director - Global Travel Management

Our Awards 

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As Seen In The Press

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