How do we use our funds?

We're a team of travel professionals who decided to get together and make a difference to do something good for our world.

We are not a charity - we don't ask for donations.  We're self-funded so we could move quickly and we're a profit for good  business aiming for B-Corp status.

It's not just a simple act of planting 1 sapling, there's a whole chain of people, organisations, money & hard work that transforms that one click 'Plant A Tree' into an amazing tree on our planet that could live for 150 years and suck in roughly 3 tons of CO2 in it's lifetime.

We also want to be as transparent about our work & costs as possible, so that every time a tree is purchased, people feel confident that we will deliver our promise, so we ensure that 2/3rds of our net revenue goes to tree planting and forest conservation.

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