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Just before the end of a booking we suggest you say the following:

'' May I also just let you know that we’ve teamed up with Trees4Travel, so we can make travel a force for good and ensure that every trip is positive on our planet and people – just to give you an idea, you can compensate your trip with around .................TREES and that would only cost around......................


and for every tree you agree to plant, I will plant an extra one for you, so you’ll only need half the trees that I just quoted – Trees4Travel also shows you where your trees are planted, report to you on how they’re growing if you wish, and also back up every tree with an investment into renewable energy - does this sound like something you’d be willing to help us with? ''


The chart below are quick approximations by flight time and

global average emissions for hotel stays + return flights.


(The results won’t quite match the calculator as these are averages – please use the calculator for a precise calculation. 

The tree prices are also based on the 2-for-1 offer)

Help Your Travelers Travel Better

Travel Trip Averages.jpg
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