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ATAS- Travel as a 'force for good' 

MARCH 2024

Environmental company Trees4Travel has joined the Association of Touring and Adventure Suppliers to showcase to members how travel “can be a force for good”.


Best Cities connecting
with Purpose 


Sustainability remained a central focus of the Global Forum. BestCities partnered withTrees4Events, a sustainability tool that supports climate-positive meetings and events


Trees4Travel & Cvent Accelerate


Cvent’s Attendee Tracking software recorded and tracked attendee data and calculated the carbon footprint using the Trees4Events carbon calculator .


Trees4Travel & Partners hit 1 Million TREES !


Trees4Travel has hit and exceeded its one million trees goal, planting 1,031,000 trees, backed up by the United Nations Certified Emission Reduction certification through investments into renewable energy projects.

Travolution-1 Million Trees.jpg

Trees4Travel & Partners hit 1M TREES target!


Emissions calculator and measuring tool Trees4Travel has announced it has planted 1,031,000 trees on behalf of its partners.

This is the equivalent of 169,187 tonnes of emissions, which is also backed up with certified United Nations renewable energy project investments.


Award Winners
in Seville!!


The fourth edition of A World for Travel, which this year was hosted in Seville and focused on sustainability, wrapped with an awards ceremony recognising the micro and mega players of sustainability initiatives.

The event awarded six companies for its outstanding efforts in the pursuit of a more sustainable travel industry. 


Trees4Events & HostsGlobal do 
IMEX Las Vegas



While 3,400 exhibiting companies vied for planner’s attention at the IMEX America show in Las Vegas, these organizations stood out to one meeting executive for their connection to top industry issues.


Trees4Events makes shortlist in Skift Awards

JULY  2023

The Skift Meetings Awards are set to recognize the industry’s most respected suppliers, setting the standard for excellence in business events, with the shortlist having demonstrated an understanding of planner needs, consistent delivery of exceptional service, and extraordinary offerings that leave a lasting impression. 

Manu Football.jpg

UK Football Joins Tree Movement

JULY  2023

Adding to the range of measures taken by Manchester United to limit its environmental impact, the club will also retrospectively compensate for carbon emissions generated from travel during the 2022/23 domestic season, by planting 1,250 trees through a collaboration with Trees4Travel where every tree is also backed up with United Nations CER renewable energy project carbon credits.


Compensates Events Impact

JULY  2023

TRAVELSAVERS CANADA will compensate for the emissions created by its events through a partnership with environmental organization Trees4Travel.

The consortium says it will rebalance the impact of travel from agencies, suppliers, speakers and staff attending its events throughout the year.

ZEERO launch.jpg

Trees4Travel launches ZEERO

JUNE 2023

Trees4Travel has launched a new venture, ZEERO, where corporates and travel companies are invited to invest for shares in impactful climate projects to ramp up climate action.

Baxter Media.jpg

Airline & Tourist Board Event is

JUNE 2023

Baxter media compensates their airline and tourist board luncheon networking event with Trees4Events.

Hunntington PR.jpg

Huntington partners with Trees4Travel

JUNE 2023

As part of its ESG initiatives, Huntington will promote Trees4Travel’s mission to restore ecosystems, biodiversity and support local communities through the planting of trees. Every tree is also backed up with a share of an investment into United Nations (CER) Renewable energy carbon credit projects.


Keep it Simple Movers & Shakers

JUNE 2023

If there were any doubt whether sustainability is high on corporate agendas, a survey by ITM in early April found 82% of travel buyers say business travel is now part of their organisations net zero roadmap.


Celebrating 30 years with Trees

MAY 2023

More than 100 ABTOT members, associates and partners attended a celebration event in London on Wednesday (May 24) to mark the occasion and used the Trees4Events tool to compensate the whole event.

Experience Kissimmee.jpg

New Initiative by
Experience Kissimmee

MAY 2023

Experience Kissimmee, the official tourism authority for Osceola County, Florida, and a trailblazer in the tourism industry, is making strides in sustainability efforts announcing two new programs starting May 1, 2023.

Sustainability Focused PW.jpg

Start-Ups find 

APRIL 2023

Moving the needle on the environment can seem especially daunting in the face of steadily rising emissions and alerts portending the planet’s demise.

But founders of environmental startups know that where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. And the possibility to make a difference rises in correlation with the demand for eco-friendly travel.


 Trees4Events joins CVENT App

MARCH 2023

Sustainable travel organisation Trees4Travel has announced that its new Trees4Events tool for meeting planners has joined Cvent’s app marketplace. Trees4Events, which was launched in 2022, gives planners guidance on how to create a sustainable event from its first concept stage to managing environmental compensation, including a free CO2 calculation tool.


Trees4Travel Educates Travel Advisors 

MARCH 2023

Travel advisors must take the time to understand the importance of sustainable travel, without the basics they cannot begin to educate their travellers about the impact of their trips.


teams up with Trees4Travel 

MARCH 2023

TMC network GlobalStar has announced a new partnership with sustainable travel specialist Trees4Travel.The agreement will see GlobalStar using Trees4Travel’s carbon management technology to calculate emissions from travel and help to reduce the impact on the environment


Trees4Travel UNWTO Finalist


There were more than 2,000 entries into the sustainability competition from 120 countries. The UK’s Trees4Travel was named as a finalist in the Ecological and Sustainable Capital Creation category.


TMC 2023 Guide


Building back is the current buzz phrase in the industry as travel resumes to just over 80% of pre-pandemic levels. TMC’s are whirring back into action as best they can to service their clients and meet new, expanded and more complex needs.

Stanford Law School.jpg

Lawyers for a Sustainable Economy

Annual Report 2022

Akin Gump LLP has been engaged on a pro bono basis by Trees4Travel to act as their legal advisors and assist them with a range of projects and matters that arise and evolve as the company grows.

The Advantage.jpg

Advantage Travel Partnership


The Global Business Travel Review by Travelogix looking at how the travel landscape has shaped up during July, August and September 2022.


US Hosts Global MICE Partnership


To manage carbon offsets and reduce single-use plastics at its Global Forum, Hosts Global found new suppliers this year that engage attendees in the process.

Awards 2022.jpg

Trees4Travel are Winners!


Trees4Travel wins the 'Sustainability Champion' Award 2022.

More than 250 people gathered in London last night to recognise and celebrate the achievements of teams and individuals working in business travel at the 2022 Business Travel People Awards.

CMAC Blog.jpg

CMAC joins Trees4Travel

JUNE 2022

CMAC is now partnered with Trees4Travel, the leading change champions, and together they’re launching a project to achieve carbon-neutral, trackable, business travel.


Eurostar forges new partnership

MAY 2022

International train operator Eurostar is to offer passengers the opportunity to pay for the planting of trees when booking through its business travel platform.


Supporting International Womens Day 

MARCH 2022

Global Travel Management Ltd. have asked inspirational women leaders in the travel industry around the world to share their insights and what they do to inspire their colleagues. 

Business Travel mag - .jpg

Sustainability really does matter


Sustainability targets are no longer just a ‘nice to have’, they're a ‘must have’, according to the experts in our main feature today, but where do you start?  

To help you cut through the greenwash, we're launching a series of reviews dedicated to products, propositions and alliances in the travel sustainability space.

BTN Easy Avenues.jpg

Forging New Partnerships


Easy Avenues forges new partnership with Trees4Travel - The arrangement will enable customers to offset their environmental impact by planting trees and investing in green energy. The company’s initiatives align with 13 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

TravelWeekly-Easy Avenues.jpg

Easy Avenues Seals Deal


Business travel and corporate events specialist Easy Avenues has unveiled a partnership with Trees4Travel as part of its drive to offer clients more sustainability options.

Easy Avenues-NI news.jpg

Promote Sus-
tainable Travel


Easy Avenues Promotes Sustainable Travel - The business travel and corporate events specialist  was established in 2009 with a mission to offer clients a more considered, informed and creative alternative for their travel, meetings and events needs. 


Thoughtful Eco-Gift Ideas

DECEMBER 2021 - Canada TV & Press

There is also a company called Trees4Travel that has a CO2 calculator that determines how many trees need to be planted to offset the emissions of your travel and the cost is similar to a good cup of coffee.

Canada Press2.jpg

Round-Up Nov29 -Dec 03, 2021

DECEMBER 2021 - Canada Press

Last week was all about Omicron, but the travel world continued to turn in other ways...

Tree Cards.jpg

Gift A Tree This Holiday Season

NOVEMBER 2021 - Canada Press

Looking for a unique gift this Christmas?

Well, Trees4Travel has created a special digital Christmas card that can be sent to friends, family or clients for the price of a regular greeting card.

Travel Press.jpg

VoX Welcomes

OCTOBER 2021 - Canada Press

VoX will manage media relations, sales and marketing, providing orientations, presentations, trainings, and other related projects – increasing Trees4Travels’ profile and resulting in a year-round presence in the North American market.

Canada Press.jpg

Battle Against Climate Change

OCTOBER 2021 - Canada Press

Trees4Travel Ltd was created based on the belief that the travel industry could be a significant force for positive action in the battle against climate change. The company facilitates the planting of trees across the globe to assist in offsetting the impact of travel,

Avalon Waterways.jpg

drive unveiled


Avalon Waterways will offset the carbon footprint of every passenger’s cruise in 2022 by donating tens of thousands of trees.


Luxury leisure
trips to be offset

JUNE 2021

Online travel agency Luxtripper has partnered with ‘profit for good’ company Trees4Travel to allow clients to offset CO2 emissions created by their trips.


Agiito Reveals Results


Agiito has revealed that it has helped clients across the energy, care and housing sectors to collectively offset 3,500 tonnes of CO2 in the last six months. The TMC says its work with Trees4Travel has enabled one customer to offset three years’ worth of historical trips...

Travel Courirer.JPG

Finding the right

JUNE 2021

As destinations around the world prepare to welcome back travelers, it is essential to strike the right balance between reviving the industry and not overwhelming local infrastructure and communities.

Green Business Travel Mag.jpg

Green Issue:
Step it Up


Now is the time to take sustainability to the next level. Business travel's imminent restart is the chance to take sustainability to the next level.


Travel with purpose

24th MARCH 2021

There are a number of options to significantly reduce a company’s carbon footprint and rewards aplenty for those that do.  

Eden Retreats -PressRelease.JPG

UK self catering
cottages offset 

23rd MARCH 2021

Eden Retreats cottage agency has partnered with Trees4Travel, offsetting carbon emissions from every stay.


Five of the best
for re-wilding 

18th MARCH 2021

Carbon offsetting, where you balance out the environmental effects of your journey, has come in for criticism, but new firm Trees4Travel is hoping to turn that around…


CT Corporate 
Travel offsets

17th MARCH 2021

CT Travel Group under their CT Business Travel brand will be able to monitor carbon offset on behalf of its clients, make reduction recommendations and monitor planting of indigenous trees in validated reforestation projects through it's recent partnership with Trees4Travel.


Trees4Travel joins STAA

15th MARCH 2021

The UK Short Term Accommodation Association STAA , the trade body representing the short-term rental sector, has recruited four more companies to grow its membership further.



10th MARCH 2021

Serviced apartments group SilverDoor has signed a partnership with Trees4Travel to offset its carbon footprint through the planting of indigenous trees and reforestation. 


Teaming up for carbon offsets

9th MARCH 2021

UK: Serviced apartment agent SilverDoor has launched an initiative to allow customers to offset their carbon footprint when booking accommodation.


Sustainable Business Travel

4th MARCH 2021

Travelogix launch partnership with sustainability start-up firm Trees4Travel to provide a long-lasting approach to carbon offsetting.



4th MARCH 2021

The first phase of the partnership will go live in March 2021 and will see Travelogix automate the supply of trip data directly to Trees4Travel for subscribed TMCs and their corporate customers.


Corporate Travel

3rd MARCH 2021

Travel management data specialist, Travelogix, has partnered with sustainability expert Trees4Travel to provide a long-lasting approach to carbon offsetting.


Carbon offset initiative

3rd MARCH 2021

Business travel data specialist Travelogix is to work with Trees4Travel to help its travel management clients offset the environmental impact of their bookings.


New Partnerships

3rd MARCH 2021

Sustainability technology company Trees4Travel has announced two new partnerships in the business travel sector. It has joined forces with Capita Travel and Events and also with Travelogix, the travel management data specialists.



2nd MARCH 2021

Travelogix has entered into a partnership with carbon offsetting company Trees4Travel. The deal will initially see Travelogix automate the supply of trip data directly to Trees4Travel to calculate the number of trees...


Trees in Press

1st MARCH 2021

Absolutely delighted to have been featured in Metro. Click view more to see the full article.


When offsetting is off putting

11th FEBRUARY 2021

Do you trust travel & tourism-related carbon offset schemes? Nico Nicholas and his partner Elkie didn’t, which is why they did some research and founded Trees4Travel.


Guide to airline offsets

27th JANUARY 2021

Most airlines now offer the opportunity for you to voluntarily offset your flight. Some airlines offer this at the time of booking, while many will give you the choice of doing so separately from the booking.…


Offset travel's emissions

27th JANUARY 2021

The Business Travel Association has launched a partnership with carbon offset organisation Trees4Travel. 


Easy offset for BTA members

27th JANUARY 2021

Using the Trees4Travel platform, a travel manager will be able to set a company's CO2 allowance and closely monitor, audit and record its travel carbon levels.


BTA tackles CO2 emissions

27th JANUARY 2021

The Business Travel Association has pledged to work with carbon offset group Trees4Travel to cut global carbon emissions and build awareness of climate change.


Making travel sustainable

23rd DECEMBER 2020

Focus Travel Partnership are very pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with Trees4Travel. The Trees4Travel proposition is simple but highly effective.


The 20 Heroes

11th DECEMBER 2020

Global Travel Management recognises the hard work put in by many individuals, groups and companies to ensure that business travel has been able to continue throughout 2020.


Start Up Stage

2nd NOVEMBER 2020

Trees4Travel wants to offer a simple, easy to use solution to alleviate climate change by getting travelers to invest the price of a coffee in planting trees.


The startup operates at every touch point in the journey from traditional agents and OTAs to airlines and ground transportation companies.

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