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Planting Region & Country

Country Peru / department San Martin / provinces Lamas, San Martín and Mariscal Cáceres / districts Shanao, Cacatachi, Morales, Rumizapa, Caynarachi and Huicungo.

Type of Trees

Hevea brasilienses, Guazuma crinita, Manilkara bidentata, Brosimun alicastrum


Key Impact Areas

Biodiversity & Habitats - Climate Stability - Social Community Impact

Community Benefits 

This project will positively impact the lives of the native communities of the Kechwa de Lamas ethnic group, Amazonian farming communities and farming communities of the Andes.

Project Description & Objective 

This project aims to restore degraded land in Lamas, San Martin and Mariscal Caceres in Peru. The primary goal is to reduce forest fires. Secondary goals include increasing the connectivity in forest patches, restoring endemic wildlife habitats, providing a carbon sink, growing economic income for producers, and increasing the supply of non-timber forest products.

Ecological Benefits 

1. Reduce forest fires
2. Regulation of humidity and ambient temperature
3. Recovery of endemic fauna habitats
4. Reduce water and wind erosion
5. Recovering water flow in aquifers that feed piped and drinking water systems of the communities
6. Supporting the needed production of rain for surrounding agriculture
7. Improve local food production
8. Improve producers' income from the sale of non-timber forest products (fruits and latex)
9. Generate jobs
10. Carbon sequestration

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