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We recommend that you pre-calculate the number of trees for some of your regular trips

so that you have a basic idea of trees per person and how much this would cost.

Example: Economy Flight - London to Rome – Return - 1 week Hotel  =  

4 TREES per person  =  £12.00      (£3.00 per tree to consumer)

Suggested Script Before A Booking:

Introduce Trees4Travel at the very beginning of your conversation with a new client as they tell you about the kind of holiday they are looking for:

‘’I just wanted to let you know that I am now also a sustainable travel advisor.

I can give you sustainable tips and actions you can take before you leave on holiday and during your stay.

You are probably aware that travel produces quite a lot of carbon emissions, and I really want to be part of the solution to help reverse climate change and ensure that your carbon footprint is minimal as I send you around the world.

I now automatically calculate the carbon emissions of every trip, and then translate that into trees which you can then plant with our partner Trees4Travel to rebalance your carbon footprint.

Trees4Travel also shows you where your trees are planted, report to you on how they’re growing, how this has positively impacted the communities that look after the forests, and on top of that, every tree is backed up and connected to a United Nations renewable energy project as well, which will make your trip planet and people positive!

Before heading off on your holiday, I’ll let you know the total CO2 emissions of your trip. From there you can decide if you would like to make a climate contribution.

After a Booking

You can now tell your client how many trees they would need to plant to compensate the carbon emissions of their trip.

Then also send them the information by email. Use your Trees4Travel calculator, then send directly or copy and paste the message and link from your Trees4Travel dashboard.

I have calculated your trip to be .................TREES per person and that would only cost......................

Introducing Trees4Travel 

to your customers

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